Small Groups

Studying together. digging deeper.

These small group gatherings are a way for people to grow closer and have more of a sense of community together. As our ministry grows, we find ourselves with a great opportunity to reach a broader spectrum of students across the campus at Missouri S&T, however we do not want to lose the intimacy of gathering together in small groups to be a part of each other’s lives. This depth in the Scriptures and in each other’s lives allows you to pass along prayer requests (either as confidential or public requests) and lift up and encourage those who may be struggling through life.

Spring 2023 Small Groups

Getting Ready-Mondays at 6:30pm

Shandi & Ben Harris

Headed towards marriage? This small group is open to couples or singles and will cover much of what is often discussed in premarital counseling in a group format. We will look at things like communication, conflict, family of origin and more from a biblical perspective. The purpose of this group is to help us understand a little better how God uniquely created us, and what it looks like to walk in Godly unity with another person.



Desiring God-Mondays at 7pm

Andrew Lucas and Ayden McNeil

We will be reading through John Piper’s “Desiring God” and discussing how greater joy and peace is found in Christ and in the pursuit of Him than anything hte world can provide. The goal of this small group is to show that the pursuit of Christ for a Christian is one and the same as the pursuit of joy. And that pursuing joy itself is a noble pursuit so long as you’re looking at God and not the world to receive that joy from. “These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.” -John 15:11


The Backcountry (guys only)-Mondays at 7pm

Jacob Stemme and Elijah Wade

In this men’s only group we will be discussing biblical masculinity while reading through John Eldridge’s Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret to a Man’s Soul. Just like the backcountry this small group will foster an environment that will challenge you and encourage spiritual growth and self-discovery. Come with me into the backcountry and see what God has in store.


Captivating (ladies only)-Mondays at 7pm

Brooke Tiedt

A small group centered on learning how to best serve, love, and live reflecting God as women. It will be a more intensive study, reading through Captivating by John and Staci Eldridge, as well as other Biblical passages each week. But if you’re willing to build connections, do some self-reflecting, and be vulnerable with God and with each other, then this would be a great place for you.



Making Sense of God-Mondays at 7pm

Joel Schott

This group will be reading and discussing the book “Making Sense of God” by Timothy Keller. The book explains how belief in Christianity is reasonable and addresses many common doubts about Christianity by thoroughly comparing the Christian worldview with a secular worldview. This is an excellent study for strengthening faith in the foundations of Christianity, preparing to share Christianity with others, and grasping the implications of the gospel. This is also a great study for those new to Christianity or uncertain about the importance or validity of Christianity.


No Matter the Circumstance-Tuesdays at 6:30pm

Carter Crews

This small group will be about real experiences and pursuing God no matter the circumstances. We will be taking a deeper dive into how biblical figures, like Jesus, Elijah, Daniel, Esther, and others dealt with their emotions in the highs and lows, and how they pursued God through it all.



Conquerors (guys only)-Tuesdays at 7pm

Garrett Mason and Derrick Parker

Conquerors is an accountability group structured around helping guys break the addiction cycle of sexual sin by learning how to seek eternal gratification rather than temporary earthly pleasures.



Praise with Understanding-Tuesdays at 7pm

Jason Courtney

Like most things in our Christian walk, the Bible has a clear outline and instruction on how we are to worship in a way that pleases God. In this small group, we will start with an in-depth study of what that outline is and analyzing how Biblical instruction on praise applies to modern worship services, beginning with Psalm 47:6-7.  Once we have established our understanding, we will pick songs as a group to look at under the Biblical microscope and determine what place they might have in a congregational worship service. There will also be time devoted to worshiping as a small group each week.



Order of the King (guys only)-Tuesdays at 7pm

Caleb Gant and Caleb Kretzinger

The Order of the King is a group where young men can join an intimate counsel of wiser, older men of the House to grow in their faith. Through private weekly meetings with an appointed mentor and in group study, we will grow together with concentrated study as well as member-suggested topics that aim to train you in righteousness and discipleship.

Give instruction to a wise man and he will be still wiser, teach a righteous man and he will increase his learning (Proverbs 9:9, ESV).



Acts-Wednesdays at 6pm

Madison Holly and Keaton Painter

In this small group, we intend to study and discuss in depth the first part of the book of Acts and how it applies to our lives.



Romans & Hebrews-Wednesdays at 6pm

Austin McNeil & Adam McNeil

Join us for an in-depth study of Romans and Hebrews with a focus on increasing each member’s confidence in group discussion and leading devotionals.



A Study of Ecclesiastes-Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Trevor Seba and Preston Ludascher

A study to discover God’s design for the true joy in one’s trials and work.



Conquerors (Guys Only)-Wednesdays at 7pm

Blake Elder and Nathan Roberts

Conquerors is an accountability group structured around helping guys break the addiction cycle of sexual sin by learning how to seek eternal gratification rather than temporary earthly pleasures.



Galatians-Wednesdays at 7pm

Chace Schnaath and Micah Driesner

Over the semester we will be studying over the book of Galatians and see how we can apply that to our lives today.








 If you are interested in more information about small groups, contact Moriah.