Small Groups

Studying together on a deeper level

These small group gatherings are a way for people to grow closer and have more of a sense of community together. As our ministry grows, we find ourselves with a great opportunity to reach a broader spectrum of students across the campus at Missouri S&T, however we do not want to lose the intimacy of gathering together in small groups to be a part of each other’s lives. This depth in the Scriptures and in each other’s lives allows you to pass along prayer requests (either as confidential or public requests) and lift up and encourage those who may be struggling through life.

Fall 2019

If you are interested in more information about small groups, contact Moriah.


conquerors series (guys Only) – Monday 6pm

Cole Skidmore and Robert Wyand
An intensive sexual purity series that works to not only bring men freedom from sin but also help them to pursue Christ as Good intended. Active participation is required.


Conquerors Series (Guys Only) – monday 7pm

Jason Rivera and Dan McConnell
An intensive sexual purity series that works to not only bring men freedom from sin but also help them to pursue Christ as God intended. Active participation is required


How to read the bible – MONDAY 7PM

Nathanael Coffman
We will be learning some basic principles of how to read the Bible properly according to genre, literary structure, and historical context. The bulk of our group will be spent practicing and applying these easy principles by reading the Bible together. My hope is that this small group will equip each member to learn through the reading of Gods word.


Truth Seekers (ladies Only) – monday 7pm

Alex Rivera
 Previously known as Lies Women Believe, this small group will be seeking to find truth about a handful of different topics from the ultimate truth source; the Bible. We will still be using the Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free book by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth as a reference.


Minor characters – MONDAY 7PM

Kyla Peterson
This study will focus on the characters of the Bible that are not normally studied. We will learn that the supporting characters can be just as important as main ones.


The Book of Job – MONDAY 7PM

Moriah Ord
We will be discussing the entirety of Job throughout the semester while studying the idea of suffering as well as God’s sovereign grace.


Exalting Jesus in James – Tuesday 6:30PM

David Palmeri and Colin Webb
This study is going to cover a deeper look at the small but powerful book of James. This bible study will be based off of the “Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary: Exalting Jesus in James


Conquerors series (guys only) – Tuesday 6:30pm

Paul Fish and Ben Wolfe
An intensive sexual purity series that works to not only bring men freedom from sin but also help them to pursue Christ as God intended. Active participation is required.


knowing god – tuesday 6:30pm

Megan Wibbenmeyer and Ashley Steffan
Join us in digging deep into the Bible to know who God is. We will identify the characteristics of God to develop a bigger view of God working in the Bible as well as our daily lives’. Each week will delve into a characteristic to deepen our understanding and grow our relationship with the Father.


combating doubt – tuesday 6:30pm

Brayden Roberts and Garrett Blanchard
Throughout our walk with Christ, there is almost nothing more inevitable than the fact the we will struggle with doubts concerning what we believe and why we believe it.  Throughout this study, we will discuss some of these doubts that we have and what we can do to deal with them in our lives and how we can begin to look at doubts as something that can strengthen and not dear down our faith. Come ready to discuss and be open!


prayer: drawing nearer – tuesday 7pm

Isaac Foster
Together, we will study the Lord’s prayer, using it as a blueprint for how we are to pray.  This study will focus on the theology of prayer, the practicality of prayer, and how to pray.  Together, we will learn how to draw nearer to our God.


bible royale – tuesday 7:30pm

Derek Berndt and Will Skaggs
We’ll be going through a fast paced overview of the many things the Bible has to say about conflict and talk about how forgiveness, pride, selfishness, love, and more all play into conflict. We’ll also take a look at the biblical directives surrounding confrontation


The Forge (guys only)- wednesday 6:30pm

Levi Anderson and Colton Dailey
We will be looking at how the Bible says to truly be a man at work, in relationships, and everywhere in between


galatians – wednesday 7pm

Brooke Wiles and Allie Graber
In this small group we will be diving into the letter from Paul to the church of Galatia. Join us as we study this letter, written around 2000 years ago, and learn how to apply it to our lives today. 


Outreach- wednesday 7pm

JD Crawford
This small group focuses on why outreach is so important and what the Bible has to say on the subject. There will be opportunities for members to get involved in outreach through various events, as well as times to serve together as a small group.


secure- wednesday 7pm

Adam Brooks
We’re all a little insecure, right? Our grades, our friends, and even our hair can be sources of insecurity and discomfort that disconnect us from Christ. In this discussion-centric small group, we will examine scripture-based responses to the insecurities that we all experience.



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