Christian Campus Fellowship

Housing Details

The purpose of the Christian Campus House/Fellowship

  1. The ultimate purpose of the Christian Campus Fellowship is to glorify God and proclaim the gospel. One way CCF accomplishes this is by providing a Christian environment in which students can live, study, and grow spiritually while attending Missouri S&T. Any student who professes a belief in the one Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, can be considered for residency in the Christian Campus House.

Application and Lease Information

  1. Application to the Christian Campus House can be made online. All applicants must be a current Missouri S&T student by the move in date.
  1. Once the application has been received and processed, every effort should be made by the applicant to visit the campus house and to participate in an informal personal interview with the housing campus minister.
  2. Applicants will be notified on or around May 1st or December 1st prior to the semester for which they are seeking housing, as to whether or not they have been selected to live in the Christian Campus House.
  3. Upon selection, the applicant will receive a housing and meal plan contract in the mail which should be filled out and returned along with a $500 deposit. The deposit will be returned upon vacating the house provided the room passes check-out inspections and procedures, no damage has been sustained due to actions during residency, no fines or payments are outstanding, and keys are returned.
  4. Rent payment options, due dates, late charges, and penalties for non-payment are outlined in the Christian Campus House housing contract. Rent charged to Men’s House residents includes housing, utilities, internet, and the use of the kitchen and all other house facilities. Rent charged to residents in the attached WCCH apartments includes housing and water. Electricity is the responsibility of the apartment resident(s). The Women’s House residents are responsible for all utilities.
    1. Men’s Campus House: $2,400 (standard rooms) or $2,700 (suites) per semester per person.
    2. Women’s Campus House: $1,900 (standard rooms) or $2,100 (apartments) per semester per person.
  5. The duration of the housing contract is one academic school year (Fall to Spring). Residents who wish to return the following year do not have to re-apply for housing. Residents that move out before the conclusion of a contract period or cancel their contract will forfeit their deposit. Exceptions are made for students informing the office at least one month prior to the start of an MST approved cooperative and other work/study assignments. Additional rent and contract will be necessary for students desiring to live in the campus house between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the fall semester (summer contract).
  6. Summer residency is available at reduced rates. Information on summer rates is also available for current residents or future applicants.
  7. After a housing contract has been signed, any resident wishing to break the contract will be charged a contract breaking fee as follows:
    1. If the contract is broken within 30 days after signing, they will forfeit the deposit of $500.
    2. If the contract is broken more than 30 days after signing, they will forfeit their deposit and pay an additional one month’s rent.


Resident Expectations and Guidelines

A. Residents are expected to live ‘above reproach’ (1st Timothy 3:2). As a resident of the Christian Campus House, you are a representative of this ministry and of Jesus Christ to others within the campus community. You are to live a life of integrity and to have the highest of moral standards.

  1. Discipline and Probation: If a resident is not fulfilling their residential requirements or lifestyle expectations, it is to be addressed by a campus minister. If the issue has still not been corrected then it will be brought before the Board and the student will be placed on a probation period. If after the probation period, the student had not satisfactorily addressed the issue, then he/she must find alternative housing.
  2. All residents are expected to:
    1. Attend weekly church services at the local church of their choice.
    2. Participate in a weekly CCF-approved small group (led by staff and the student leaders).
    3. Attend and participate in the weekly CCF meeting – Catalyst.
    4. Participate in areas of service which are in keeping with those taught in the New Testament,i.e. ministering to the sick, elderly, and those in need, campus outreach, and evangelism.
    5. Attend one house retreat each semester
    6. Attend monthly house meeting: first Monday of each month.
  3. All residents are strongly encouraged to take advantage of and participate in:
    1. Fall/Spring Regional Campus Ministries Retreat
    2. The Keep Right on Retreat in February
    3. “O” Week Events and St. Pat’s events at the CCH
    4. Discipleship meetings with the Officer Team and Campus Ministers
  4. Residents are expected to refrain from participating in any unacceptable conduct; much of which is clearly presented in Scripture (Example: premarital sexual relationships). Other acts of misconduct are not permitted on the premises of the Christian Campus House and are strongly discouraged elsewhere. Examples include, but are not limited to the following:
    1. The use and abuse of alcohol and tobacco products.
    2. The use of illicit drugs.
    3. Inappropriate language/behavior (Examples: open discussions, internet use, movies and television).
    4. Misuse and/or disrespect for the property of others, including theft and vandalism.
    5. The use of pornographic material.
  5. Rooms will be subject to weekly scheduled room inspections on cleaninliness. Failure to keep the room according to standards will be given a 24-hour warning; after which additional failures will accrue a $5.00 fine every time. Failure to complete an assigned chore on time will result in a $5.00 fine; failure to complete an assigned chore at all will result in a $10.00 fine. Standards of room cleanliness include:
    1. Clear walkways to and from desks, windows, beds, and doorways.
    2. No trash of any kind in the room that is not in a trash can.
    3. Organized desk area.
    4. Organized possessions in the room.
  6. Cooking will be limited to the kitchen area only. Residents are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and putting away all food and cooking utensils. Failure to clean dishes can result in confiscation whereas an extra chore will have to be completed to get your dishes back.
  7. No pets other than fish are allowed in the Christian Campus House unless approved otherwise.
  8. No guns, firearms, weapons, or fireworks of any kind are permitted on the property of the Christian Campus House. All fixed-blade knives are restricted to the kitchen.
  9. Residents are to observe proper hygiene out of respect for yourself and other residents.
  10. Residents will be held financially responsible for damages they cause to the property.
  11. Co-ed visitation is permitted in public areas until 1 am everyday. Co-ed visitation to non-public areas of the house can only take place during prescribed times. During these prescribed times, lights must remain on and room doors must remain open.
  12. Attendance is mandatory at house meetings and house retreats held at the beginning and end of each semester unless the absence has been excused. Periodic house meetings may be called by the campus minister to discuss policies and/or problems at other times throughout the semester. These meetings are also mandatory.
  13. Any overnight guests at the campus house must be pre-approved by campus ministers. A 24 hour minimum notice to approve the request is expected.
  14. All activities that take place at the Christian Campus House that are non-related to the ministry must be pre-approved by the campus ministers.
  15. Underclassmen sitting under 60 credit hours and residing at the Christian Campus House must purchase the in-house full meal plan according to res life policies. The charge will be included with your rent. 
  16. Any applicant or resident who is taking medications for an on-going condition, or who has any type of allergy or medical condition must make this known to the staff upon application for housing or upon diagnosis.
  17. Any resident who does not comply with the expectations and guidelines outlined above is subject to expulsion from the Christian Campus House.


The Christian Campus Ministry and the Christian Campus House are possible because of the generosity of fellow Christians who believe strongly in the need to grow and mature our young people in the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We ask that you be good stewards of these gifts by treating both the ministry and property with the utmost of respect.