1st Goal: $500,000

Breakdown of Funds for our Goal:

Final Property Acquisition Payment  $240,000
Architectural and Design Fees
Construction Fees
Demolition of Existing Houses
  • What is the total project cost? $3.2 Million. Any donations beyond our first campaign goal will go to pay down our loan.
  • Will you still have Catalyst (the weekly worship service) on campus? Yes. We will still meet each Thursday in Havener as often and long as we are able. However, sometimes we are not able to get the reservation for a variety of reasons. On those weeks, instead of meeting in the chemistry classroom Schrenk G-3 we will be able to meet in our own space that is still very close to campus.
  • Why 32 residents and not more? We want to be wise about the size of the house and make sure it is a space we can fill and retain. With the ratio of male/female on campus we felt most confident with this number. Ten years down the road if needed, we could add a couple rooms to this building to bump us up to 40 girls. 
  • What will you do with the current women’s house? We don’t own that property, but have rented it. We have been so blessed to be in the 1400 N Pine building since 2011. That lot has always been leased from Dale Wands, who has been a wonderful landlord and ministry partner for CCF. 
  • How close is this building to the Men’s CCH? About 80 yards or half a block. Far closer than our old WCCH. 
  • Can I view the plans for the house? Yes, scroll below. 



Kaylyn Nagle

When I came to college I was so lost, and I believed in Christ, but I never had anyone to show me the ropes of following Him as I was not raised in the Church. I moved into the women’s house about a month into school and it completely transformed my walk with Christ. The ministers and community poured into me and made CCF the greatest part of my college experience. God used me in ways I never imagined and pushed me to grow more than I expected. He placed me in leadership positions, where I learned even more about His character and Church. CCF taught me how to be an active member of the Church and I am forever grateful that God blessed me with so many friendships and memories during my time in CCF! 

Jenna Liegey

When I moved into to the WCCH in 2015, I walked up the stairs passing the legacy tree of all the women who had come before me in this house. I couldn’t wait for what God had in store for me at this house. From an incoming freshman to a senior, I experienced a lot of highs and some lows in the WCCH. From late night movie nights, study sessions in the basement, the smells of baked goods through the house, and laughter that apartment time brought, each day was a day full of memories being made. I met so many amazing housemates who I knew would always be there for me during the good days and the bad days. Some of my closest friends today came from the relationshisp that started in the WCCH. Whenever I needed advice or someone to give me a hug on a rough day, Shandi and Moriah were always nearby. I count myself lucky to have lived in the WCCH all 4 years of college as I was able to be surrounded by Godly women who pushed me to be the best I could in my studies but more importantly my faith. There is something so special about the WCCH that will always hold a special place in my heart. It was a place where I felt loved, safe, and like I belonged. I grew into a Godly woman through the WCCH and my faith as a Christian would not be the same today without the experience I had. As I continue to live in the Rolla area with my husband who I met through CCF and daughter, it is a joy to watch the WCCH continue to thrive and Godly women grow each year. My hope is for more women to join the legacy of the WCCH in years to come.

Mikaela Ritchie

The WCCH has given me many opportunities to both grow in my faith and encourage others to do so. It has been a blessing to have a community of like-minded women to be encouraged by and serve alongside while in college. I have loved seeing the growth spiritually and generally as a person among my classmates as we go through classes together and the new residents each semester. Living in the house has been an awesome opportunity to be lifted up and discipled by upperclassmen, Shandi and Moriah, and now have the same opportunity to be that upperclassman interacting with and being a part of the lives of the freshmen and new house residents.

Bradley Clay

Living in the Men’s Christian Campus House for three and a half years gave me a community of like minded friends to go through college with while also growing closer to God. It was such a unique experience to get to live in close proximity to a community of 100+ people who were pursuing Christ while also challenging themselves academically, spiritually and physically. I’m so excited that I now get to give back to CCF as I sit on the board and help lead the building of the Women’s house where we will be able to advance the kingdom in so many more ways.