New WCCH & Fellowship Space

  •  What is the total project cost? $3.2 Million. Want to partner with us? Donate here!


  • When will it be done? We are in! The girls have been living in the New WCCH since Feb 10, 2024! A few things are still wrapping up, but we are here!
  • Will you still have Catalyst (the weekly worship service) on campus? Yes. We will still meet each Thursday in Havener or Leach Theatre as often and long as we are able. However, sometimes we are not able to get the reservation for a variety of reasons. On those weeks, instead of meeting in the chemistry classroom Schrenk G-3, we will be able to meet in our own space that is still very close to campus.
  • Why 32 residents and not more? We want to be wise about the size of the house and make sure it is a space we can fill and retain. With the ratio of male/female on campus we felt most confident with this number.
  • What will you do with the old women’s house? We don’t own that property, but have rented it. We have been so blessed to be in the 1400 N Pine building since 2011. That lot has always been leased from Dale Wands, who has been a wonderful landlord and ministry partner for CCF. 
  • How close is this building to the Men’s CCH? About 80 yards or half a block. Far closer than our old WCCH