Men’s Christian Campus House

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Campus Approved 

     The CCH is unique in that it qualifies as campus-approved housing which allows underclassmen to apply even if they are under 60 credit hours. On Missouri S&T’s website under Res Life, you will find us listed as a viable option for students. We are proud to be partnering with S&T in this endeavor to welcome students to the Rolla area!

Low cost

     We are able to offer low and affordable prices thanks to our church and alumni supporters and efficient management of the housing. Prices are subject to change due to inflation and other reasons every year but we are currently sitting at $2,700 for the standard rooms, $3,000 for the suites, and a damage deposit of $500.00. Please see contract for more details. 


      The house holds 7 standard bedrooms, 9 suites, and plenty of common lounge and study areas. Each resident gets his own wardrobe space, bunk bed and desk. The standard bedrooms have an open floor plan with shared community bathrooms while the suites favor an apartment-like layout with a private bathroom, two sleeping quarters, and a common living room area.

     While the bedrooms are restricted to men only, the common areas such as the recreation room, game room, conference, lobby, and dining hall are available for use by non-resident members.  

Student Meal Plans

     All residents are required to be on our CCH in-house meal plan. According to residential life’s policy, underclassmen sitting under 60 credits are required to be on a full meal plan which we provide. 

     Upperclassmen who have completed over 60 credits have the option of opting out of Breakfast and Lunch for a cheaper meal plan but they are still required to be on the Dinner option. Breakfast is continental style. Lunch and Dinner are served hot on a buffet, 5 days a week!  See the meal plan contract for more information.

     Residents are more than welcome to cook on the weekends and other times. There are two kitchenettes with ovens, microwaves, and stoves available to use for cooking. 

Convenient Location

     The CCH is located just one block east of campus, two blocks south of the WCCH, and within walking distance of downtown Rolla. Several city parks, the famous O’Doggy’s Hot Dogs, Alex’s Pizza, Soda and Scoops, and The Giddy Goat Coffee House are all within walking distance. Check out our Rolla Tips page to get the DL on local hot spots! 


     Residents of the CCH do not need a parking permit to use our private lots. There is space available on two adjacent sides to the facility. Public parking on the street is also open for use. There is no assigned parking. It is a first-come, first-serve. 

     Don’t have a car? No worries! Our Staff, RA’s, room leaders, and house officers, along with your fellow roommates are more than willing to provide rides for local errands and rides to the local churches. 

Resident Responsibilities

     There are only a few things that are considered mandatory as a CCH resident as you would be a representative of this ministry and of Jesus Christ to others within the campus community. Residents are expected live ‘above reproach’ (1st Timothy 3:2). It is expected to pursue Christ through a life of integrity and godliness as is fitting for a Christian. All residents are expected to:

  • Attend weekly church services at the local church of their choice.
  • Participate in a weekly CCF Small Group Bible study.
  • Attend and participate in the weekly Thursday CCF meeting, Catalyst.
  • Complete weekly house chores in a timely and thorough manner.
  • Attendance to one house retreat each semester.
  • Partake in room meetings once a week.
  • Attend all mandatory house meetings, the first Monday of each month.

Note: You may need to try and apply online using a different browser if you receive a submission error message. If there is a persistent problem with the submission, please contact our housing minister, Sam Parker at

Front of the Christian Campus House
At the corner of 12th and Oak; built in 2000 with an expansion for suites added in 2015.. 
Inside a four person Standard room
The standard room’s open floor plan and movable wardrobes allow the students to change the layout as they see fit. 
Lobby of the Christian Campus House
Offices are located on the left of the spacious lounge. A conference room for studying is located behind the window. 
Basement Kitchen and Gameroom
Common area used for cooking, studying, ping pong, and pool. Features a 50 cent vending machine!
Inside A four person Suite Room
Suites have two bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a common area with four desks and room for a couch

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Housing Application Process

First thing to do is to create an account online and to fill out an application. Please fill out all the information so that we can begin to process your application to our housing!

The next step will be to reach out to campus director, Sam Parker, via email and ask about setting up a date and time for your in-person interview. We can be flexible with doing virtual interviews but we like to see our applicants make an effort to meet the ministers and visit the housing during their visit to campus. A helpful tip: schedule on the same weekend you have your Advising and Registration or whenever you visit campus. We also encourage visiting students to come on a Thursday night to attend Catalyst and/or stay the night. Talk to Sam Parker about different options to make the most of your CCF visit! 

This is the waiting period. Depending on when you have done the first two steps, it could be a while until you hear back about your application. The first two weeks of May is when we finalize our decisions and until then we contact all the references on the applications and pray over who to bring into the housing for the next semester. There are many factors that go into who we bring into the house, some of which include the student’s willingness and eagerness to be involved in the ministry, spiritual health and willingness to grow, and any spiritual needs that could be met through the housing opportunity. 

Nothing catches our eye more than the willingness to make the most of the opportunities to visit and get involved as soon as possible. As an incoming freshman, there are plenty of ways to get involved early on, even before you arrive on campus. In the Spring Semester, we attend a campus ministry regional retreat at the Lake of the Ozarks which is available for incoming students to attend! We also welcome overnight stays at the house, attending Catalyst or other events during the semester, and coming on our July Float Trip! Ask Sam Parker about more of these opportunities! 

The first week of May is when we begin to notify applicants about acceptance or denial into our housing. The reality is that we usually have more applicants than we do spots so the denial rate can be high, especially in the Fall semester. If you get accepted, you will be notified by a phone call and then we will follow up with you on the next major step to transition into our housing! If you get denied, you will be notified by email, but we highly encourage you to still get involved. Nearly every aspect of our ministry is still available to non-residents. In fact, more than half of the ministry is made up of non-residents! I also encourage you to apply for the Spring semester when September rolls around!