“Our view of God shapes our view of everything else.” – Daily Grace Co
Join us this summer every Thursday from June 8th – July 27th as we study 7 different attributes of God! Learn to better appreciate and worship Him as we discover who He is, what He is like and what that means for our relationship with Him.
“You have said, “Seek my face.” My heart says to you, “Your face, LORD, I do seek.” – Psalm 27:8


Catalyst: Thursday Night Worship Service

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June 8thSam ParkerGod’s SovereigntyCCH
June 15thSam ParkerGod’s OmnipresenceCCH
June 22ndFaron ThebeauGod’s OmnipotenceCCH
June 29thShandi HarrisGod’s OmniscienceCCH
July 6thNo CatalystIndependence Day!Wherever
July 13thSam ParkerGod’s ImmutabilityCCH
July 20thShandi HarrisGod’s IncomprehensibilityCCH
July 27thScott RobinsonGod’s EternalityCCH
July 29thFloat TripMeramec River