The scope of this study will be two-fold: First, we will examine the context of each song and excerpt of worship. Our goal will be to understand why God is being worshipped, what is the catalyst, what prompts this bursting into song? Second, we will examine the worship itself. What are they saying about God? How are they acknowledging his greatness? What are the truths that lie within this worship? Finally, we will seek to apply these concepts to a proper worship of Christ, the Lion of Judah, the Lamb who was slain for us.

Catalyst: Thursday Night Worship Service

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Date Speaker Topic Location
June 9th Nicholas Lewis Rev. 4:6-11 CCH
June 16th Nathanael Coffman Rev. 5:8-14 CCH
June 23rd Shandi Harris Rev. 6:9-10 CCH
June 30th Guest Rev. 7:9-12 CCH
July 1st ‘Merica Rolla Carnival Rolla Lion’s Club
July 7th Guest Rev. 11:17-19 CCH
July 14th Shandi Harris Rev. 15:3-4 CCH
July 21st Nicholas Lewis Rev. 16:5-6 CCH
July 28th Nathanael Coffman Rev. 19:1-9 CCH
July 29-30th Meramec River Summer Float Trip Meramec River Resort














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